Hong Kong Company Registration


Benefits of establishing a Hong Kong company:

More preferential tax policies and tax rates: Hong Kong has low tax rates and few types of taxes. When establishing a company in Hong Kong, salaries tax and profits tax are generally considered. Under the two-level system of profits tax, the corporation and

The profits tax rate on the assessable profits of the first two million yuan of unincorporated business (mainly partnership and sole proprietorship business) will be reduced to 8.25% (half of the tax rate specified in Schedule 8 to the Inland Revenue Ordinance), respectively

And 7.5% (half of the standard tax rate). The assessable profits of the corporate and unincorporated businesses exceeding $2 million thereafter continue to be taxed at 16.5% and the standard tax rate of 15%, respectively.

"Free registered capital of a company: When establishing a company in Hong Kong, it is not necessary to pass the registered capital verification procedure, and the registered capital does not need to be deposited in a bank.". The registered capital of the Hong Kong company is not available

Any restrictions. The standard share capital is 10000 shares, with a minimum of 1 share. The capital amount will not be listed on the company certificate.

More advantageous business environment: Hong Kong is one of the freest commercial and trade centers in the world. Hong Kong companies give your stakeholders a credible impression and help your business develop

Exhibition. It is more conducive for enterprises to expand their business to different markets in the world.

4. More Sound Legal System: Hong Kong has a strong and sound legal system that provides legal protection for your business

More flexible business nature: The establishment of Hong Kong companies is not limited to various industries, and Hong Kong companies can freely operate different industries. Hong Kong companies are also allowed to have no business and allow shell companies to deposit

At. Shares can be freely transferred and businesses can be indirectly transferred through share transfer.

Registration conditions:

1. At least one shareholder and director who has reached the age of 18; (Can be assumed by the same person)

A limited liability company must appoint a company secretary. The company secretary must generally reside in Hong Kong and must not be the same person as the sole director

3. The registered address must be in Hong Kong

4. Issued at least in HK $1 and paid in share capital

Process and registration time:

1. Company name search (the customer provides us with the company name in both Chinese and English for confirmation)

2. Submit the information of the first director and shareholder of the company

3. Sign the power of attorney and required legal documents (express delivery can be arranged for customers to sign)

4. Waiting for approval from government departments

5. Formal establishment of the company

6. Registration of a Hong Kong company is completed within about 1 working day