Singapore Company Registration


Benefits of establishing a Singapore company:

1. Superior geographical location, commercial advantages radiating Southeast Asia and even the world, and excellent trade and logistics center

2. Extremely low business and personal taxes, the best destination for personal asset transfer

3. Relaxed foreign exchange controls, a gathering place for global banks, and a leading international financial center

4. Mature credit system, strict business standards, and the safest business country

5. A 5-hour flight distance makes it more convenient to manage business between Singapore and China

6. Register a Singapore company and meet the corresponding conditions to achieve the purpose of immigrating to Singapore

Registration conditions:

Any legal citizen who has reached the age of 18 can apply for the establishment of a Singapore Private Limited Liability Company.

There are no restrictions on the composition of shareholders in Singapore private limited liability companies, and even all of them may be non Singaporeans.

The board of directors of a Singapore private limited liability company may consist of one or more directors, but must include at least one local director [a local director refers to a Singapore Citizen, a permanent resident of Singapore [Singapore P.R.], or a foreign entrepreneur holding a Singapore Entrepreneurial License].

Process and registration time:

1. Company Name: The name must end with PTE LTD

Business Scope: Singapore companies can select up to 2 business projects;

Registered capital: The minimum paid up capital of a Singapore company is from S $1, with no upper limit. Singapore companies generally have no strict time limit for the full payment of capital and do not levy stamp duty. The registered capital may be in new currency or other commonly used foreign currencies;

4. Copy of shareholder's ID card (or passport), share ratio, and copy of director's ID card (or passport); (Note: There are no restrictions on the composition of shareholders of a Singapore company, which can be natural persons or companies. The directors of a Singapore company must be natural persons over the age of 18 years, and can be composed of one or more directors, but must include at least one local director. Local directors refer to residents of Singapore or permanent residents of Singapore.)

6. Company Secretary: Any company must appoint a company secretary within 6 months of its establishment.

*Fill in the registration application form - "Name search -" Sign the relevant signature file - "Registration fee -" Submit to the Singapore government for registration - "Complete registration within 7-10 working days